September 11th, 2008

Is this microphone (sitll) on?

Ok, so I obviously haven't been using this much this year.  It's not that nothing is happening.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  I don't think I've ever been busier.  It's gotten to where I've had to pick and choose things to do because I simply can't do them all.  Unfortunately, LJ seems to be one of the things that has fallen away in favor of other things.  It's too bad, really.  It's certainly not that I don't like LJ.  I just know myself and that it often takes me an hour or more to write an entry that really captures the subject matter and that I'm satisfied with.  And reading my friends page can take every bit as long.

With all the things I've been doing/trying to do/wanting to do, that's just time that I don't seem to make for LJ on a regular basis.  But I do still value this venue and have been making an effort at easing myself back in.  I think it's being aided by the fact that my general interest in online activities seems to be falling off. I find myself spending less and less time just killing time on the Internet.  Of course a lot of that time has been reallocated to meatspace, but I think I'd like to keep this window on cyberspace open.

I've been reading and commenting again over the past couple weeks.  Hopefully this will mark my return to some semblance of regular posting.

Batter Up!

Season 2 for the company softball team started today.  I didn't participate last year, but I did enjoy all the masterfully written and hilariously entertaining recaps from xnolenx after each game.  So much so, in fact, that I figured I might actually give it a shot this year and see if it was as much fun as his words made it out to be.

Sadly, Jon has left us.  He is missed.  But alas...we go on.  We had our first practice on Tuesday where I discovered I'm not as terrible at the mechanics of the game as I thought I might be (having never really played before).  I can generally catch balls that are thrown to me.  If I'm already there or have time to get there and get set, I can get it to fall neatly into my mitt.  It's the ones I have to run for that are much more questionable.  On the run, I don't seem to be able to judge an intersection of ball and mitt with any encouraging regularity.

As for hitting, I seem to at least be able to connect despite requesting to be the team's "designated whiffer".  I somehow managed to get two hits in three times at bat today.  Color me surprised.

In the end, we a lot: 14-5.  But we didn't lose by mercy rule! :P  And I don't think we lost because we were really that bad.  I think the other team was really just that much better.  But whatevs.  It was fun and even a light rain at the beginning and end didn't dampen our spirits.