October 8th, 2008

My friends, John McCain is not my friend.

Quick rant:

This is petty, but it bothers me that John McCain addresses people generally as "my friends."

I've never even met you!  You are not my friend and I am not yours.  I'm disappointed that you would take friendship so lightly as to apply it toward complete strangers.

(Note: This is not a political statement nor an endorsement or condemnation of either presidential candidate.  It's just something that has become a peeve of mine as I've continued to watch events unfold this election season.)

Negative Voting

Since I'm apparently "talking politics," I'll take this opportunity to share an idea I've had for awhile now.  Some of you have already heard my spiel on this...

I've often heard people talk about voting for the "lesser of two evils" or voting for a particular candidate, not because they like him/her, but because they dislike the opponent.  I've also heard people say that voting for a third party candidate is "throwing their vote away."

In response to this I would like to introduce negative voting to our election process:  You get one vote that you may cast either for or against one candidate.  Voting for a candidate works like it always has.  Voting against a candidate subtracts one vote from that candidate's tally.

So if you hate both candidates but hate one more...don't vote for the opponent, vote against the one you hate more.  I think in some cases this could be a much truer expression of a voter's opinion.

The two main parties tend to be very polarizing.  People seem to really love one and hate the other.  In my opinion, a lot of positive and negative votes could cancel each other out leaving the window open for a third party candidate to fly under the radar and win a majority with a relatively small number of total votes.  I don't know if this would necessarily be a good thing, but I do think it would be interesting.