January 20th, 2009

rhymes with orange

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In other news, I'm actually current on reading my friends page!  Here's to hoping this is the fresh start I was looking for of staying up with both sides (reading and writing) of LJ more regularly.

Crossing over to the dark side

I finally did it...I joined Facebook.

I've been resisting Facebook and MySpace.  This stems from a number of reasons.  The biggest is that I don't really need/want yet another way to waste time online.  I'm actually trying to spend more time in meatspace (damn, I love that word!) than cyberspace. 

Another reason is that I do not like how "closed" Facebook and MySpace are until you sign up.  Practically everything is locked down.  Comparatively, LiveJournal lets you access pretty much anything that individual users haven't specifically locked themselves.  That's what drew me into LJ in the first place.  I came in, looked around, and decided I liked it and wanted to be a part of it.  With Facebook and MySpace I don't really get to see much of a preview to make that kind of judgement.  (Actually, in the case of MySpace, I've been directed to one too many profile pages that hurt my eyes and/or ears so much as to leave me with no desire to add myself to the ranks.)

Now that I've actually signed up and had a chance to see Facebook, I think I would have joined long ago had I been able to see what it's able to do.  It also seems like it won't create a conflict I was a bit worried about...  I really do like having my "online home" here on LJ.  I do have a permanent account, afterall.  But Facebook seems to have features that really compliment the longform blog style of LJ (at least how I use it) rather than compete with it.  Also, it seems like activity in my LJ circles has been diminishing over the past couple years and I hear a lot of those same people talking about Facebook instead.

So, there you have it.  I'm a total Facebook noob, so be gentle with me.  I look forward to connecting/reconnecting with people and seeing what it has to offer.  But I still intend to keep my most detailed records here on LJ and hope to continue to hear from my friends here as well.