April 18th, 2009

oh yeah!

DDR-A-Thon 7: Day 1


That really sums it up quite well.  This year's DDR-A-Thon has completely exceeded my expectations and we've still got another day to go!

With the recession and the continued loss of continuity within the DDR community, I wasn't really sure what to expect from the DDR-A-Thon this year.  The last DDR-A-Thon was actually over a year ago back in 2007.  We attempted to have one in 2008 but were unable to due to scheduling conflicts with the mall.  After two different dates fell through, we decided to just wait until 2009.

Unfortunately, the result of this was an extreme extension of our planning activities.  Our first meeting for this DDR-A-Thon was actually way back in August of last year and the event is only now happening almost 9 months later.  It certainly takes a fair amount of prep to pull one of these off, however, the series of delays made it somewhat difficult to keep our momentum going.  I've definitely been in a mad crush to get things pulled together these past couple weeks.

We made a concerted effort to refocus DDR-A-Thon 6 back to its fundraising roots, and it was a smashing success.  We shattered our previous fundraising totals by a substantial margin bringing in over $2600 during the two-day event.  We wanted to take the parts that worked really well for 6 and apply them to 7 while making improvements where we thought we could.

Here's where the WOW comes in...

DDR-A-Thon 7 has already beat the DDR-A-Thon 6 total in the first day alone!  We're already past $2800--actually very close to $2900.  And traditionally Friday is the slower of the two days.  I hope that holds true this year.  It certainly feels like all the effort has been worthwhile.