July 5th, 2009

brianho plays the classics

Chad pointed out that my previous update was number 573.  It's fitting that Bemani was the subject of that entry.  If you understand why that's fitting, you are a nerd.  Good for you.

NOTE: I started writing this a month ago and never got around to finishing it until now.  There is likely a reduction of detail as it goes on because I forgot everything by the time I finished the entry!  The dates covered are May 28-31.  The month of June was apparently not meant to be for me and LJ.

This entry will also be about video games.  However, the games are decidedly not Bemani.  Last weekend I planned a trip for myself, Chad, and Zach to attend the 11th Annual International Classic Video Game Tournament at Funspot in Weirs Beach, NH.

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