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Today was fun, exciting, and really quite productive.

I had another good night of sleep and got up around 9 am. Lissa was up a little while later and was off to the gym to workout. I was busy just doing various and sundry things, some chore-type stuff and some just piddling around on the Internet and playing some IIDX.

Then a rather unexpected thing happened...the power went out. It was just rather odd since it was bright and sunny outside. It's amazing how quiet the house gets when there's no electricity.

It was a bit inconvenient, but if nothing else it eliminated a lot of distractions and I was able to get a fair amount of cleaning up around the house done. The power was still out when Lissa got home (it had been out at least 1-2 hours at that point), but we had plans to go out and do stuff anyway, so it didn't make a ton of difference.

Heath stopped in with his truck since at least part of our errands was to go pickup some carpet that was too big to fit in either of our cars. So off the three of us went to get some lunch and go buy stuff.

Our local Lowe's didn't have enough of the carpet we needed, but they checked inventory and the Castleton store did. I managed to fall asleep on the way down to Castleton and back from (which is only about 20 minutes). Even though I got good sleep two nights in a row, I think my body is still trying to catch up.

We stopped in at the mall. I bought a pair of jeans and Lissa got me a really cool leather jacket as a slightly belated birthday present. I'm so excited! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow.

I have a good winter coat, but I haven't had a good spring/fall jacket to wear when it's chilly, but not freezing in a long time. The jackets I do have for that are either too big or just kinda ratty. Now she's not only filled that void, but she's done it with the nicest jacket I've ever had. It's stylish AND functional. So...yay!

We got over to the Lowe's and got our carpet. It will go down in the basement on the side opposite the pool table which we already carpeted. It's just more of the same stuff. The center section will be a wood floor. We've had the materials for it for months now, but we'll probably wait until after the basement is finished before we install it.

We started picking up the basement and moving things around in preparation for a crew to come in to do the finishing job. It's still going to be at least another couple weeks before they start. It could be as long as 2-3 months--we took a discount for them to just fit us into an opening in their schedule, so the start time is up in the air. Even so, it was good to at least get started since we had some time.

So here I am at the start of a new week. I need to take a moment to say thanks to Lissa. I can't forget how vital she has been to me throughout this past week. I can tell her anything (and do). She definitely helped me through, as she always does--even before I knew I needed help. I can't take that for granted, so I must mention it here. Her influence is so much a part of who I am and I like the person I have become. So thanks, Lissa! I couldn't ask for a better wife or a better life...and you are both!

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