Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

ACen: Sunday

I woke up Sunday morning around 8:30 or 9. It became apparent to me rather quickly that I wasn't going to get back to sleep, so I just gave up. Sam stirred a bit and we exchanged a few words, but I don't think he was really completely conscious. I decided I'd go downstairs and see what was going on.

Sunday was the short day and apparently the day that most people left. I made my way downstairs where there were many people carrying bags and suitcases. Other than that, the activity level was at the lowest I had seen it over the weekend.

I stopped in at Cafe ACen, a nice room where they were giving free drinks and snacks to con-goers all weekend. That was a really nice touch and I appreciated it--especially in light of the hotel food prices. I had a donut and a bagel. They even had fresh fruit, so I grabbed an orange.

Then I stopped in at the hotel gift store to look for some lotion because my skin was dry and flaky from the hard water at the hotel. I found a little travel size bottle--a couple ounces or so. There wasn't a price tag on it, so I prepared myself for some sticker shock at the counter. I figured maybe $3. Instead, they raped me for $5.33 with tax. *rolls eyes*

When I got back to the room, Sam was surprisingly not there. Based on the fact that I went to be quite late, but still before he had returned, I knew he couldn't have slept much. I also knew he had less sleep than me the night before as well. So I expected to see him still in bed in a puddle of his own drool...well, maybe not the the drool. :P

I gave him a call to let him know that he needed to be back to pack up his stuff so that we could make our noon checkout time. Then I proceeded to pack up my own stuff and get my last cosplay costume ready.

Laura came to visit me before she left to go home that morning. We hung out and chit chatted for awhile and then I took her on a mission to find a binder clip to complete my costume. Someone at the main hotel desk gave me a gi-normous one (it ended up being too big, but I was able to complete the costume without it).

On our way back to the room, we stopped in and retrieved Brad in the room where he and Laura had stayed. Eventually, we all met up in Sam and my room and gathered all our stuff to take out to our cars so we could check out.

Somehow Sam and I managed to take everything out in a single trip even though it had taken at least two to bring it all in. We were pretty well loaded down, but we made it out to the garage without incident.

At the garage, we split from Laura and Brad since they were on a different floor. Sam and I got all our stuff in the car and then went down to the front desk to check out.

There was really only one thing we were going to do on Sunday, and that was meet up with the remaining Indy crew to see Brad receive an award for his AMV entry. But that wasn't for a little while at this point, so we decided to go down to the game room to kill some time.

I decided that would be a good place to reveal my final cosplay costume for the weekend. Once we were in the game room, I took my shirt off and pulled off my breakaway pants to reveal my Yatta! costume. It immediately garnered attention. As an attention whore, I was pleased.

I decided to just spend some time cruising around the hotel where I was stopped frequently by people asking to take my picture. Usually once I'd stop, several people would line up to take pictues. In all, I'd guess I had my picture taken close to 100 times. It was much fun!

Highlights were people posing with me, girls offering hugs, people offering candy, and musicians who had been playing anime favorites for people in the lobbies playing the Yatta! song. It's nice to know a guy can get attention by flashing skin too. :P Of course I shall not deny the power of THE LEAF!

We settled in at the AMV awards ceremony to watch the award winners and congratulate Brad on his Best Comedy win. Then we made our way back to the game room (in costume once again) to play a few games before we left.

Then it was time to head for home. It was about 4pm at this point. We got a ways out of town and I had to stop for a whopping $2.40/gallon (premium). Then Sam and I had some food at a KFC/Pizza Hut and got back on the road.

I was a lot less tired than I thought I would be, but I wanted Sam to stay awake to talk to me because I have a much easier time staying awake to drive with someone to talk to. I could tell it was a struggle for him, but he managed and we had an excellent conversation. Although at one point he asked if he could lie back and listen to me. I said yes, but he fell asleep in seconds. I laughed at him and he decided that he should sit up again.

We made good time getting back and arrived at my house sometime in the 8 o'clock hour. I had received the remaining pieces for my electronic drumset prior to the weekend, but I hadn't had a chance to hook them up. Sam was interested in seeing it, so he stuck around for a bit. He ended up crashing out on the futon in the basement while I connected everything. Once I was done, he woke up, we played a few rounds of drummania, and then he was on his way. I eventually made my way to bed sometime not too long after.

So that was the end of a spectacularly fun weekend. It was well worth the time and effort, and I look forward to future such experiences.

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