Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Mmm...delicious carbs

For all of you on the Atkins diet...

Send me your unwanted *delicious* carbs!

The hardest thing about trying to eat less is continuing to eat food that tastes so darn good.

I was kinda naughty today. I traded my morning DDR cardio session for an extra half hour or so of sleep. For whatever reason, I just couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed, and by the time I did, it was too late to play and still get to work on time.

On my way to work, I picked up Krispy Kremes for our staff meeting. I figured it would be a nice thing to do since we had two new interns starting today. Of course I had a couple myself.

After our meetings and such, we all ended up going to Qdoba where I had one of their outrageously sized burritos. About halfway through, I kept looking at it like I should stop, but it was just sooooo tasty. I did manage to stop before it was all gone, but it was probably about six bites or so later than I probably needed.

After work, I stopped at an old colleague's house to help solve a couple computer problems. It turned out to be a couple of simple fixes and it put some extra spending money in my pocket. Me = happy.

From there I dropped in on ilikea where she works at Panera. We joked about Panera's lo-carb bread and the fact that if you were actually on the Atkins diet a place called Panera *Bread* probably wouldn't be the first place you'd go to eat. atomx joined us shortly thereafter and we all sat down to have some delicious carbs. I grabbed a sandwich to take home to Lissa who would be getting home from work about the same time as I would be and headed out.

Once at home, I was torn between the finale of The Swan and the Pacers in game two of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Lissa had it setup to flip between them both on picture-in-picture. But I was feeling kinda bloated, so I decided I'd go down and makeup my missed DDR session from this morning. I do feel a little better now, so it was well worth it.

Once I returned, I caught the end of each. The Pacers suffered a disappointing loss and the results of The Swan was somehow underwhelming. I wasn't really disappointed with the results, but it pretty much played like just another beauty pageant. It didn't really contain the elements that originally hooked me on the show.

But for now, it's bedtime.

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