Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho


I decided to take a different route to work this morning. Actually, I've been taking new routes all week. I have a good 25-30 mi. drive to work every morning. As a result, I have a multitude of roads to choose from to get me where I'm going. This week I found a few new ones.

I've been avoiding I-465 for a few weeks because they've been doing construction on part of it I would go through that can make for some real slow going. I'm one of those people that would rather drive out-of-the-way just to keep moving rather than sit in slow or stopped traffic (even if it ultimately takes less time).

However, this week's routes have been on nothing larger than State Roads. Today, in particular, I took a rather scenic route on a somewhat winding, somewhat hilly two-lane road that often had no center line. It reminded me why I bought the car of car I did. It was quite pleasant driving through with sunroof open and sunglasses on.

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