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The beginning...

Well, now I've gone and done it...I've started an LJ. This is the first entry. Oh the pressure! How to start? What to say? It seems like it should be a big deal. Oh well, I guess I'll just start in and see what comes out...

So much has led up to this moment. I like to call it 'my life.' So far, it's been a pretty good one. I've certainly had my share of bumps, but I'm happy to say that looking back I've had more joy than sorrow. At the moment, I have a wonderful wife who I love very much, a good job, a nice house, and I'm surrounded by friends who have endured the years with me and contributed much to who I have become. It's my own little version of the American dream here, folks. I really don't have anything to complain about. (And it doesn't hurt that I'm forever the optimist.)

This isn't entirely new territory for me. I did maintain a personal website back in the now seemingly distant 'early days' of the web. From a single page back in 94, to its peak in 96-97, to its flaming death in 98, it was a little slice of me for the world to see--if it was so inclined.

So here I am, newly 29 and starting a LiveJournal--the first *organized* glimpse into my world in 5-6 years. (Of course I've left plenty of smoldering bits all over the place in the meantime. ;) We'll see if this can have a longer lifespan.

Twenty-nine, where some people freak out as they're exiting their twenties and seemingly leaving their youth behind. Yet, I'm feeling quite the opposite. I have a certain renewed youthful exuberance that I'm going to try my best to hold on to. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that many of my friends right now are nearly--or more than--a decade younger than me.

It provides a unique perspective and a conduit to my own past. I can see so much of my own younger self in so many of them. And surprisingly, I can see parts of my current self in some as well. If it has taught me anything at all, it's that (calendar) age is an indicator of nearly nothing. People are people and we all learn and grow at different rates and in different directions. Our connections with those people can bridge the gaps of time, distance, or nearly any other factor--if we only choose to do so. Society and culture may say otherwise, but we have the ability to overcome those as well.

Well, enough of that for now. In theory, I have limitless more entries in which to get philosophical.

Since I'm just starting out, I thought I'd set up a few expectations, both for myself and for anyone who may have had the misfortune to stumble upon this and has inexplicably continued to read to this point.

I intend for this to be quite free form. I may share interesting, humorous, or otherwise notable events going on in my life. Or, I may just break into an essay of sorts on some random topic. I enjoy writing and I have many ideas that drift through my head. So many of those are simply lost with no outlet. I am hoping that this can become that outlet for me.

So there you have it: the end of my beginning. I'm verbose. Get used to it if you're planning on reading any more from me. ;)

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