Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

I won $615,810...

...or better yet, I get to keep the money I already have because I'm not stupid enough to fall for a scam.

I received a *letter* yesterday--that's right, an actualy paper letter in the actual US mail--claiming that I had won the El-Gordo Sweepstake Lottery Program in Spain. The envelope even has Spanish postage and a Spanish postmark.

As I read the first few lines, I considered the possibility that this was a scam. So I immediately scanned for the part where they ask me to send them my bank account information for the "transfer" of my winnings. ... Hmm...yup, there it is. Nice try, ass wipes. If you're going to try to scam me, try harder. I'm a little more skeptical and a little less gullible to fall for this old technique. The fact that the graphics on the letter are low-res and obviously printed on an inkjet printer didn't help either.

Out of curiosity, and to confirm my suspicions, I did a search to see if others had seen this. Here's one I found, complete with a picture of a letter which looks essentially the same as the one I received.

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