Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho


Here is a complete fluff entry designed simply to meet my goal of having at least one entry every day for a month. It took me until my fourth month of having an LJ to meet that goal, but now I have finally done it!

Some may question the value of such a goal. I will readily admit that some of entries were created solely for the purpose of having an entry for that day and, as such, contained little of substance.

One of the main reasons I started an LJ in the first place was to give me a reason to write--something that I enjoy, but have not done a lot of for the past several years. Having at least one entry per day is an easily trackable metric compared to a more subjective one like "make a good entry each week."

Simply updating each day--regardless of content--forces me to write. Sometimes it's worthwhile...sometimes it's just silly. But if I train myself to update regularly, I will be more likely to produce a gem amidst the coal if for no other reason than simple averages. Plus, continuing to write will keep my skills fresh--perhaps even improve them--and to hone my ideas into more thoughtful works. The result will hopefully be a higher percentage of quality.

So, thanks for reading. LiveJournal has definitely been a positive experience for me these past few months in its ability to produce merits beyond my own simplistic goals.

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