Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

An apple a day...

I went to the doctor this morning, and...


But seriously, I've had this cough for about a month now. The first couple weeks were really bad with very regular coughing to the point that my abdominal muscles were sore. It was quite a nuissance to cough so much and even waking up in the middle of the night because of it. But other that the cough I've felt basically normal this entire time--perhaps a little tired, but not incapacitated.

In the past couple weeks--especially this week--the cough has subsided substantially. I can sleep regularly through the night, and I can go an hour or more during the day without coughing. But when I do cough, it's still pretty violent and absolutely takes my breath away. It can be a challenge to get a breath between coughs and I even sometimes gag.

Lissa has been encouraging me to go see my doctor about it, so I finally did this morning. She checked me over and asked me some questions. She didn't find anything out of the ordinary. My lungs sounded clear and blood pressure and stuff were normal. I had a very slight temperature at like 99.2, but she wasn't concerned with it at all and said it could be attributed to any number of completely benine factors.

So she thinks I probably caught a cold virus that made me start coughing and that the coughing caused irritations that's making me continue to cough even though I'm probably mostly over the original cause. So she gave me a prescription that she hopes will calm down the irritation and coughing and allow it to work itself out--basically breaking the coughing cycle and giving it a chance to get better.

So I've got steroids to take for the next week. Who wants to get owned in DDR? ^_~

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