Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Second Chances

A little over a month ago I purchased the latest album from Atomic Kitten, "Ladies Night." For those who are unaware, Atomic Kitten is a 3-member girl group from England where they are apparently pretty popular. They've had some limited exposure over here in the US, but most probably haven't heard or heard of them. I found out about them because their song "Right Now" was featured in DDR 5th Mix.

Some time ago, I had downloaded some of their other songs and decided that I liked what I heard and decided to go ahead and import their first two albums (that were available at that time). I still enjoy them even now. Their stuff is pretty much "pop schlock," as I call it. Hook based, highly produced, formulaic music with high calorie content and low nutritional value. But I like that kind of music. I can appreciate artistically strong music as well, but for day-to-day listening I just like stuff that has a nice beat, makes me feel good, and is easy to sing along with.

Anyway, flash forward to a month or so ago when I found out that they had released a new album. I just went ahead and ordered it based upon my enjoyment of their first two. I didn't really even bother to listen to the new tracks--maybe only a couple short sample clips. When the disc arrived, I sat down and listened to it all the way through. I really wanted to like it, but I was left kind of disappointed. It wasn't bad, but none of the songs really sucked me in for some reason. I think I listened to it one more time after that and then kind of just put it away.

Then, last weekend I was working on my computer and wanted some music to break the silence. I started Winamp up, and it just happened to have the tracks I had ripped from that album (which is supposedly copy-controlled, but was ripped without any difficulty). So I decided to listen to them. For whatever reason, this time around a few songs really caught my attention even though I was only listening to them as background noise.

So I put the disc in my car and have been driving around with it all week. I've found about four songs that I really like and generally like the album as a whole. So, I'm glad I gave it a second chance. I either found something I missed the first time or perceived/interpreted it differently. Either way, I found something I liked.

Sometimes this can happen with people, too...

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