Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Hooray for new friends!

A few weeks ago, belindashort joined the IndyDDR Forum. After commenting in her Meet 'n Greet thread, I've had the opportunity to communicate with her on AIM over several times. She's been quite a fun person to talk to, and we've been trying to get together for a little while. Yesterday, we finally did.

lissarenee and I stopped by her apartment last night where she lives with her boyfriend. We didn't stay terribly long since it was kind of late (Lissa and I had been out running errands and had some dinner prior to going over), but it was cool to get to see them. We enjoyed meeting their lively bunch of animals and they introduced us to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I look forward to getting together with them again sometime soon!

On a side note, an aspect of meeting with Belinda is rather unique and I think worth mentioning: I can't think of another contact that I made through DDR where my first in-person meeting was completely unrelated to DDR *and* included Lissa at the same time. Neat!

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