Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Face time

belindashort stopped by again last night. She first arrived around 8:30 during the big storms we had last night. She encouraged me to come out and sit in her car with her to watch the storm. It was quite a show with lightning that would frequently light up the entire sky. The cloud cover was so thick that we often wouldn't see the actual lightning itself but its light diffused through the clouds instead. It was a most impressive natural display.

After awhile we went inside where she sat down on the loveseat and I on the recliner and just started talking. We had originally planned to break-in Karaoke Revolution vol. 2 or perhaps play some other Bemani, but we just sat there and talked...until 2 am! At that point she basically just politely excused herself out of consideration for the fact that I still needed to go to work in the morning.

The time had just completely flown by as we a conversation that just went everywhere and sustained itself. I tend to make friends fairly easily, but connecting with someone like this--especially so soon after meeting--is a relative rarity for me. We've only known each other online a couple weeks and first met in person this past Sunday.

Instant messages are great for keeping in touch with people, but they only transmit the tiniest fraction of the total experience of communicating with another human being. I always prefer face-to-face over any other form of communication. It was great to get to just sit and have an experience like that without all the crazy things that usually distract me. It's low's not flashy...but it's infinitely rewarding.

Given how long we talked and how it was apparent that we could've continued had we not called it due to time, we were obviously completely engrossed in the exchange. It didn't even matter that we had seated ourselves in positions that were not the most conducive for it. The loveseat and the recliner don't actually face each other, so we were both sitting kind of sideways to talk.

I'm definitely somewhat groggy today as a result of the lack of sleep, and my legs, knees, and hips are a bit out of whack from sitting funny for so long. But if that's the price for quality human interaction...just tell me who to make the check out to!

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