Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

orange redux

As planned, I had my hair redyed on Saturday morning. By then, it had faded substantially. The orange wasn't nearly as vivid and the bleach blonde was showing through in quite a few spots.

Gina (my hairdresser) applied the dye and this time had me sit under the dryer for what seemed like forever. It was probably around half an hour. Last Tuesday was the first time she had used this brand of dye, so this was somewhat of an experiment for her. The directions didn't say to set the color with heat, but she figured she'd give it a go on Saturday since it didn't seem to last too well without it.

After sweating under the dryer she rinsed my hair out and we discovered the color was much, much brighter than when we had done it on Tuesday. Instead of construction cone orange, it was now quite red--essentially the same color that it looked in the bottle (much like paint, the color in the bottle/can isn't always what it looks like after it is applied and dried).

You can see what it looks like in the pictures above. It picks up light really well. In that first picture you can see how it almost glows in sunlight. The second picture is a little more shaded. The color is somewhat subdued, but still very bright.

At this point (Tuesday), the color is still pretty good. It's not quite as intense, but still very bright. I think the dryer definitely helped set the color. It's still got a lot of red in it, but the orange is starting to show through.

She has a bunch of other fun and bright colors that we can try in the future. I usually do color every eight weeks, but it may be a little longer than that before I do my next one. A friend of mine from high school asked me to be the best man in his wedding in October. I think I'll probably stick to a more natural color for that event. ^_^

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