Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

A great, big pile of dirt

On yesterday's "honey-do" list:
  • get dirt

Over the years, our house has settled--a fairly normal occurance. The issue is that the house has settled enough that the ground around it does not all slope away from the house. The last few inches directly around the house slopes in toward the house slightly.

This could pose a problem with water coming toward the foundation rather than away from it--especially with the basement under the house. We've not had any serious water leakage problems in the basement, but we definitely don't want to encourage any given all the improvements we've completed and still have planned for that space.

So we're to place some topsoil around the house to build up and reform the graded slope away from the house. At the same time we will be installing drainage hardware to help move water--especially water coming out of the downspouts on our house--out and away from the house. Specifically, we're going to route it out and down the hill behind our house.

But anyway...

"Hi, I'm Brian Ho--certified geek and self-proclaimed Great Indoorsman."

So I borrow Heath's pickup truck to get one cubic yard of topsoil. So here I am driving a pickup pick up a load of dirt. Not exactly what you'd expect to see me doing. Although I do occasionally "get my hands dirty" doing things like changing my own oil or whatnot, so it's not completely out of the question--just unusual.

So how much is one cubic yard anyway? I have a poor concept of measures larger than myself--weights, volumes, distances, etc. But one cubic yard looks a little something like this...

It looks a lot bigger in the truck than it does in a pile on the ground. It took a slight adjustment of driving style to go around with it in the bed--definitely couldn't be in much of a hurry. Braking especially took a little extra pressure and a good deal more time.

It took me about an hour to shovel all the dirt out of the truckbed and into that pile. I was pretty well wiped after that. I worked a particularly long shift at the restaurant today. It wasn't exceptionally hard, but I had a couple tables walk in just before my shift was over. My relief wasn't there yet, so I took care of them. That kept me there about an hour longer than usual. Normally that isn't a problem for me, but today when I got home I kinda laid down on the floor and just passed out for about half an hour or so. :P

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