Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Emerson Drive

This past Wednesday I kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday weekend by going to the WFMS Classified Concert featuring Emerson Drive. This was the concert that I had gotten tickets for the previous week. They didn't announce who the artist was going to be until moments before they took the stage, but Lissa was 99% sure of who it was going to be thanks to the fact that the concert appeared on the band's website calendar briefly about a month ago.

When I had gotten the tickets the week before I only got one pair because I wasn't sure if I was able to get a second pair for free and didn't bother to ask. Unfortunately, by the time I tried to go to another ticket stop the following Friday, they had run out of free tickets. This meant that I might have to pay $20 to get in since Lissa and her sister were using the free tickets as planned.

Fortunately, once I arrived at the venue someone was standing outside with an extra pair. He was shouting to see if anyone needed them. I said that I could use one and joked with him about him selling free tickets. I really didn't mean anything by it, but he sold me the pair for $5. :P Once I got inside, Lissa and Elaine were there to greet me and Lissa pointed me in where they were selling tickets. I pulled one of the tickets I had just bought and held it up. The look on her face was pretty classic since she wasn't expecting me to have one already.

We had plenty of time to kill before the show, so we stood in a long line for some food...pretty uneventful. We found a rare seat (there were hardly any left at this point) near the pool tables to eat our pizza and drink our ridiculously priced drink. Afterward, we checked out all the people line dancing on the dance floor as the DJ spun various country and not-so-country tunes. I was amused at how every line dance pretty much looked like the electric slide (which they also did at one point). I declined an opportunity to dance because there were no arrows. However, I had said that if they played any super eurobeat that I would be out there to para para. Of course, they did not. :P

Eventually, we found a place to stand for the concert since it was clear we weren't going to get a seat. The show was great. I'm not a huge country music fan, but it has definitely grown on me since Lissa has started listening. Plus, a lot of modern country music--and definitely Emerson Drive--has a very distinct rock edge to it, so I can get into it pretty easily. Emerson Drive is a great act...lots of energy and a great sound. They also have a lot of personality and look like they're having a good time up on stage. I'd definitely go see them again sometime.

After the show, Lissa tried to pass a note to the lead singer. Of course she was one of a dozen or so people holding up objects. He grabbed the note, signed it, and then passed it back to her like a dork. :P She was able to get it to the guitarist later who actually read it.

During an autograph session later on, she was able to say hi and chit-chat a little. She had met them all before at a couple previous shows she had been to with her aunt and her kids. Then it was home for us all, driving in the first snow of the year. The snow was pretty much a non-event other than the fact that it was there. It was the cold and the wind that really bit.

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