Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

raising the bar

Work continues with the basement bar. The past couple nights we've been building what we're calling the "superstructure" to support the upper countertop. It'll be around 4 ft. high so that you can stand at it or sit high on bar stools/chairs. We're calling it the "superstructure" because we're building it way stronger than it needs to be. It's actually quite comical. Our joke is that the house could fall into the basement and the bar would be safest place to be because it would support all the falling debris. Ok, it's probably not that strong, but you could definitely stand up on it with no problem except for the fact that the ceiling is too low. And now, pictures...

Here's work after Monday night. We've got the front part of the L finished and are about halfway done with the side.

Last night we completed the side and started working on the other side where the sink will be.

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