Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

basement update

It's been a little while since I've posted an update on progress in the basement. Things are progressing, but at a somewhat slower pace than before. I think with the holidays upon us, we all have a little less time to devote to such things. I'm not too worried about it except that I have agreed to host a party for my co-workers at Grindstone Charley's. The party is tonight...the bar is not done. It's not going to be a huge big deal, but it would've been nice to debut it at the party. As it is, it's not really usable but there's enough of it there that people can at least get an idea of what we're doing and it's not an eyesore.

Last week, we got a lot of staining done so that we could begin to install the outer "skin" of the bar. Following is some detail of the staining process where to show the difference the stain makes from the raw wood to the finished product.

This is the bare naked plywood. It's pretty unassuming...and frankly, pretty cheap looking.

Lissa has been doing most of the staining. The wood is lightly sanded to make it smooth prior to applying the first coat of stain. Between coats of stain, steel wool is used to smooth the surface again for the next coat. In this picture, she's rubbing steel wool over the first coat of stain. On the left is a board that has one coat of stain. On the right is a board with one coat that has been steel wooled.

Here Lissa is applying a second coat of stain.

And here is what the wood looks like after all three coats have dried. Oooo...that's nice!
As someone that's owned mostly wood laminate furniture up to this point, it's been pretty impressive to me to see what a difference stain can make.

Here's one of the big sheets we got hung on the DDR side of the bar. It looks pretty nice.

Meanwhile, on the inside we got the little alcove for the refrigerator put together and started locating power outlets.

In the past week we've been doing some detail work. Heath had a grand plan to make the outer shell look nice and fancy, so we started making some trim pieces to dress it up.

Here's the DDR side with the trimmings installed. It really does add a nice touch to it.

And here's the same thing on the pool side. We've also started wiring for power to the bar.

Coming soon...countertops! Heath and I just got back from the lumberyard where we picked up the materials for the countertops.

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