Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Whirlwind weekend (and weekstart)

Wow...busy-ness has kept me from updating for a few days. It even kept me from reading the new IndyDDR forums for like two days, so I had about 60+ updated topics to browse through when I finally did this morning. At any rate, here's the quick recap.

Friday I went to see drewsifer in Scene Night at Avon High School. He did great...he's even more talented than I knew. And that's saying a lot because I already thought he was pretty talented. Good show, Drew! I'm glad I got to see it.

I went out with his family afterward. I had met his dad and stepmom briefly before, but I had never met his brother or sister. They're, uh...not really anything like him. That's a real 30,000 foot assessment and is neither good nor bad. I just thought it was kind of interesting that I wasn't getting any "oh, that's where that [insert physical or personality trait] comes from" moments from the experience.

Saturday I started trying to clean the house. I got to that point where it gets worse before it gets better, but then I got distracted. So there's lots of piles of random crap in varioius places around the house at the moment. But at least I have a lot of stuff earmarked for disposal. I should be able to get the house into shape as the weeek progresses.

When Lissa got home from working in the morning, we went out and ran some errands. Then it was into the basement with Heath to continue working on the bar (more construction pictures in a later update). Brandon also came over and we played Bemani and worked on some stuff...until like 5:30 in the morning! At least I got to bed before the sun came up.

Sunday I slept until like 11. It was my first weekend without my restaurant job in two and a half years. It was bittersweet. I'll miss it, to be sure, but being able to sleep in and do other things on Sunday was also a nice change.

We hurried to try and get some more bar stuff done before going out to see a screening of Fake I.D., a locally-produced independent film. Not a great movie, but entertaining. The story kinda fell apart in a few places, but I salute the people involved just for being able to get something accomplished. My respect goes to the independent filmmaker...especially a local one.

The story was about three teenage girls who go from a small town to the "big city" with fake IDs to go clubbing. They accidentally get tangled up in a web of crime and depravity. It was pretty over-the-top. The small town and big city were portrayed as generic, but people around here would recognize the Indianapolis locales they used. So it just seems funny to think about some of this stuff happening around here. As I left the theater, I commented to Lissa that I was glad to know that I lived so close to the seedy underbelly of disorganized crime and corruption. ;)

After the movie, Lissa and I had dinner at Houlihan's downtown. We decided that was our Valentine's Day event of sorts. Worked for us...we don't really get all into Valentine's Day so much anymore. We acknowledge it, but we don't feel compelled to do anything in particular.

Then it was back to the house to work on the bar some more. Monday was more bar stuff after work. Tonight will be the same. We're getting pretty close at this point. It's lots of small things and detail work...the stuff that seems to take the longest and often produces changes that are only visible when you go looking for them. But they're important nonetheless. We really want to get it finished for this weekend. That, and Heath is going to be relatively unavailable for a couple of weeks beginning this Friday. I'll detail some of the stuff we've been working on in a separate entry.

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