Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Old school/new school weekend

Friday was new school. Poker (a relatively new interest) with csystmrocks and other people I've met in the past five years or less. Fun, as always. She had a great turnout...the most people I can ever remember being at one of those parties. I'd say 30+. Lots of familiar faces, lots of DDR folks, and some new (to me) people, too. It was good to see all the people and to be mistaken for a "college kid" by Kevin's dad. Here's to hoping I can get away with that for awhile longer.

Lissa and I sat at a table of mostly DDR people. We only stayed about three hours since Lissa was getting tired, but we ended up about tripling the money we had put in. Of course we only had about $5 in each, so it's not like we made a fortune or anything. ;)

Saturday was old school. I managed to get all my closest friends from high school together again: thebrymaster, Jason, Dallas, and Shawn. We all still stay in touch periodically, but it's rare for us all to get together at once. Beginning at 2, everyone trickled in over the course of an hour and we did the nickel tours at the house since none of them had seen the recent work we've done in the basement.

Then we ended up all just standing/sitting around talking for quite awhile. I didn't really look at the clock to see how long. Lissa and Bryan's girlfriend Becky (both Special Ed teachers) ended up doing the girl talk thing upstairs while the rest of us guys were busy with manly discussions in the basement. (uh...yeah)

Then everyone ended up down in the basement where most of us decided to play some poker. Bryan came out of nowhere and eventually ended up taking all of our money...well, chips anyway. We weren't playing for money.

Then we all went over to Culver's to eat and ended up just sitting there for another long time just talking. As I looked around the table I decided that things hadn't really changed all that much between us. It was refreshing and reassuring.

Next it was back to the house where we broke out the play American games. ;) This isn't the DDR/Bemani crowd. Although they have all played at this point, only Dallas has really shown any lasting interest in DDR. Bryan had brought Gran Turismo 4 over which kept us all pretty entertained for a few hours. We all kept taking turns playing and racing each other while the girls provided commentary on our abilities (or inabilities).

Jason and Dallas had to go after awhile and Bryan, shawn, and I decided to play some really old school Mortal Kombat II like back in the day. It's amazing how much of that game we still remembered...and how much we had forgotten. Bryan left sometime after midnight and Shawn stuck around until after 1. I think when we finally quit we were at Battle 84 or thereabouts. My thumb is still numb today. All in all, it was all I'd hoped the day would be: fun, simple times with old friends.

Sunday was both old school and new school at the same time. Early in the day Lissa and I went out to do a little shopping and meet her mom and sister for lunch. Lissa went shopping with her mom and sister and I went home to meet Dallas and his friends Niki and Amanda to play some DDR and Bemani. I was actually running late as I was supposed to meet them at 2 and didn't get home until about 2:30, but they ended up getting delayed until about 4:30 anyway.

We all played DDR and I introduced them (except Dallas who had seen them before) to some other Bemani games. Then it was off to go play some poker in the league that Dallas and I have been playing in. After we all lost (some faster than others), we ended kidnapped another friend Dallas's (and an acquaintance of mine from way back) was meeting at poker and up going back to the house to watch some TV, eat pizza, and play more Bemani. Old friends and new. Old games and new.

So that was my weekend. I didn't get much of anything done, but it was great just to kick back and have some fun. It was almost a vacation without actually taking a vacation.

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