Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho


Oh snap...I added a Bemani suffix to a non-Bemani clone game! ...and on Easter! I'm surely going to hell for it. ;)

But seriously, I'm totally loving Pump right now. Yesterday I met at X-Site around 3:20 and stayed for 30-45 minutes. Lissa and I were out shopping and left to look at some more stuff while Brandon had another event to go to. But we both went back around 8:30 and met UberAvonDancer there. We ended up closing the place at midnight.

There weren't a whole lot of other people playing. Plenty of people watching and plenty of people at X-Site in general, but very few bothered to try it. So that meant almost continuous play for the three of us. That was easily the longest I've continuously played (a dancing game) in quite some time...probably at least a year or two.

I've been to longer DDR-related gatherings recently, but I rarely play the whole time at them anymore. I generally just play a two or three games throughout the evening and leave it at that. Either the crowds or lack of interest keep me from playing anymore. Besides, I usually end up spending most of my time chit-chatting with the other people there. There was a time that I played for long, continuous stretches at home...but alas, I haven't had much interest or motivation to do that lately either.

I'm a little disappointed at all the Pump hate I'm seeing going around. Too many DDR players seem to hate it simply because it isn't DDR. While we were at X-Site, a couple of groups came in obviously looking for the DDR machine that used to be there. Immediately nagative comments came out about its replacement even before trying it...if they bothered to try it at all. Of those that did try it, I'd say 3 out of 4 would annouce at the end of their set that they hated it or that it sucked compared to DDR.  I've seen similar sentiment from some people on

I can understand that Pump can be awkward for a DDR player at first. I know it was for me. While the gameplay is extremely similar, the mechanics of playing are quite a bit different. I think people get frustrated because they have difficulty with songs that they think should be easy based on their DDR experience. I'm sure the unfamiliar (to DDR players) interface for selecting mods, difficulty, etc. doesn't help either.

A personal note on mechanics: I have come to find that balance seems to be an even more important factor in PIU.  The arrangement of the arrows on the stage require a lot more motion within "the box" than DDR which is mostly pivots.  I found myself having to catch my balance on several occasions...and actually, my abs and arms are a little sore today.

But I think that's all beside the point. For me, it's not about DDR vs. Pump. I gave it a chance and found something new to love. I love that style of game and and have come to enjoy the unique traits that they each possess.

In other rhythm/music game news (for me), thenarus hooked me up with IIDX 9th Style.  Brandon and I played it a bit after X-Site.  As always, it's good to have some new material to play, and I like the new look.  However, on a few of the songs I played it seemed like the notes weren't really following the music.  I felt like I was just playing on sight and just couldn't find the connection to the music.  But it was pretty late, so maybe I was just tired.  I'm just curious if anyone has had this feeling, too.

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