Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

I've become a PA player!

PA = Pump Addict

I think I've played more Pump in the past week than I've played DDR in the past several months. To clarify once again, this doesn't mean I like one more or less. I like Pump...a lot, yes. But I still like DDR, too. I'm just currently somewhat bored with DDR because it hasn't changed in over two years. I've not had many opportunities to play Pump, and the new machine in town also happens to be the latest version that is only a few months old. Therefore, I am currently more interested in and excited about playing Pump than DDR, but my feelings about DDR haven't changed.

But in response to this excitement around Pump, I'm wanting to play it. So on Tuesday when I normally meet a group out at eastside Rascal's to play DDR, I called and IMed around to the usual suspects during the day to see if they'd be willing to meet at X-Site instead. No one had any objections, so I was able to stage a successful coup!

Some of the group had already played, and like me enjoyed it and were wanting to play more. Others had not yet tried it. Everyone seemed to approach it with an open mind (all I ask, really) and several of them began to take a liking to it as well. I don't think anyone actually hated it...or if they did, they didn't express it to me. Although this group is mostly longer-time DDR players as well, so they're probably similarly disillusioned with DDR as I am.

Afterward, we all ended up at BW3's...a pretty different after DDR PIU location than most places we've been to. It turned out to be a lot of fun! The food was good and we all had fun socializing and playing NTN. It made the experience quite unique among the many such outings I've been on. And you know we must be having a good time when

Nick gets a blowjob! (click to watch)

Then the next night was when I usually meet friends for poker. I suggested that we go to X-Site to play Pump after we were done. Dallas has played some DDR--though not with any of the IndyDDR crowd. Nikki has only recently playd DDR at all. I lost all my chips early and Nikki lost hers not long after. Nikki was excited to play Pump for some reason, so we got Dallas to play suicidally. Not one to turn down a girl's wishes, we found ourselves at X-Site soon thereafter.

To my surprise, David (TaQa) was there. It was a surprise because he had been rather negative toward Pump when I suggested that it would make a good addition at Rascal's. Apparently his Pump experience had been tainted by the horrible machine at GreaTimes. He has since changed his opinion...and of course proceeded to get way better at the game way faster than any of us. :P

Ian also showed up after awhile and there were other faces there that are becoming familiar around that machine. It seems I'm not the only one who has taken a liking to Pump.

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