Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho


I was rushing to get somewhere when I was typing up my last entry yesterday. I went back and proofread it today and fixed a bunch of errors...sorry for the rough read to anyone affected.

However, I forgot to include one point in my review...

Throughout the original trilogy lightsabers were used only as a slashing weapon. In '97 I produced a parody video (not specifically a Star Wars parody) that happened to include an improvised lightsaber stabbing. At that time we noted that it was somewhat unique and I thought it would be cool to see in a legitimate Star Wars production. Then a couple years later I was amused and delighted to see Darth Moll (still underrated) perform a stabbing motion with a lightsaber in Ep. I.

I recall being disappointed to not see any more stabbing in Ep. II, so going into Ep. III I was really hoping to see a lightsaber used as a stabbing weapon again. Well, it happened...more than once even! Not only that, in a nice new twist, it was even used as a projectile weapon.

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