Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Congratulations V!

Congratulations to V for surviving graduating high school and for throwing the kickin' graduation party I was very pleased to attend last night.

V looked great and there was plenty of food, fun, and friends to go around. I wish her all the best as she moves into the next phase of her life...of course I wish her one kick ass summer first! ;)

I ended up staying pretty late into the, um...morning. Although that turned out to be a good thing since most of the people that I was most familiar with came later on in the evening anyway. I really wasn't getting terribly tired, but the fact that I was a good hour drive away from home made me decide to be on my way about 1am. I made the comment to V that going to her house I think I felt like how most people must feel coming to mine..."Holy crap I'm so far away from home and I have no idea where I am!" :P Actually, I didn't have any trouble finding was just a really long drive.

Funny story of the night (for me anyway)...V's aunt Lori gave me a nice ego boost. I had decided to join some of the adults on the patio for some Euchre. As I was sitting down, V's aunt was starting some introductions and asked me, "Are you a friend of Veronica's?" I replied, "Yes." Then she asked, "Are you a senior?" Amused, I shook my head with a, "No" and a chuckle. And then it got even funnier as she asked, "Are you a junior?" Now I was almost starting to laugh as I shook my head and said, "No." So then she asked, "Older?" I nodded my head with a, "Yeah."

We left it at that for the moment, but later on she asked if I was in the marching band. I said yes, but she had apparently thought that I may have been in Avon's band. But I told her it must've been another Asian kid since we all look alike. ;) So then they asked me what band I had been on, and told them Lawrence North but that it had been a long time. So then it was time to guess my actual age... Guesses from the table, "20?" ... "Higher." ... "21?" ... "Higher." ... "22?" ... "No, and you're gonna have to guess in bigger increments or we're gonna be here for awhile." ... "25?" ... "30?" ... "Yep!" Well, they were all pretty surprised and we all had a good laugh over it. It made me feel pretty good.

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