Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

It's a gas!

As I'm sure most everyone has experienced, the state depicted in the above image is costing more and more lately. My car in particular requires premium fuel, further exasperating the sting at the pump.

Fortunately, a full tank of gas has not yet cost me over $30, but I got really close last week with a fill-up of $28.51. Since then I've been taking steps to stave off or prevent the looming threat of a $30 fill-up. I've backed off the accelerator and intentionally not engaging the turbo unless necessary. Interestingly, I rarely have trouble keeping up with traffic anyway.

Frankly, more than the rising cost of gas in general, the volatility of its price bugs me a lot more. For instance, yesterday morning I drove by the station I usually purchase gas from. Premium was $2.53 (pretty darn cheap compared to prices the past couple weeks). I didn't have time to stop then, so I stopped by after work...$2.80! Grr. No doubt the actual gas in the underground tanks was the same as when I passed by eight hours earlier. I bought anyway. Then when I went by this morning it was $2.75. WTF?!

I don't love paying more for gas any more than the next guy, but I can deal with it. But having to play a guessing game about when the most advantageous time to fill up THAT really gets under my skin!

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