Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

The "Do Nothing" Vacation

Lissa and I made reservations to go to the Cedar Point mystery event again this year. It starts this evening (Friday). Since it's about a five hour drive up there, I knew I'd have to take at least a half day off in order to make it on time. But really a whole day would make things go smoother and hopefully get us up there in plenty of time and not make us feel rushed at all.

However, the past two years I've been at my job I've ended up with unused vacation at the end of the year. It's "use it or lose it," so if it's really my loss if I don't take it. I decided I didn't want that to happen for a third year in a row, so I decided I'd just take this whole week off instead of just Friday. I didn't have any specific plans for my week, but I figured it would be good just to take some time to myself.

As it stands, I spent a lot of time just relaxing and catching up on some personal projects that I've had backburnered seemingly forever. I won't say that I've gotten myself all caught up, but I do feel like I accomplished some stuff--which is a good feeling. I also got a chance to just hang out with some friends...which is always nice. I saw yume_taira at Tuesday Pump night for probably the last time for awhile since she's heading off to college in Chicago. I also got to hang with thenarus and atomx, neither of which I've seen much of lately, on Wednesday for some poker and button smashing. And finally, Lissa and I went with our friend Shawn to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose on Thursday night (which was a satisfyingly creepy movie).

The other big thing I got accomplished this week was to take the next steps toward getting LASIK surgery myself. The results of Lissa's surgery have been very favorable, so I've been investigating getting it done myself. A few weeks ago I went to a preliminary consultation to get information and do some basic screenings to see if I was a candidate. That went well, so I took the next steps this week with a more thorough examination at both the clinic (Monday) and my eye doctor (Thursday).

Everything checked out fine, so I've got the green light for the procedure. The one sucky part was that Thursday required my eyes to be dialated. That pretty much hosed my close vision for the rest of the day. Even today it seems like I have to strain a bit to focus on things. It's probably been over a decade since the last time I had my eyes dialated. Here's to hoping that I can put off having it done again at least that long--if not indefinitely.

At any rate, I will likely schedule my procedure for sometime in the next month. It'll just be a matter of coordinating with someone to pick me up at the clinic since I won't be able to drive myself immediately afterward. As you can imagine, I'm full of nervous excitement. I've never had too much trouble with glasses, but contacts have never been quite as comfortable as I would have liked. But either way, it will be nice if I can not worry about either.

Anyway, Lissa and I are currently in the car on our way up to Cedar Point. We'll be reuniting with half of our team (two other couples) from last year's mystery event. The other half of the team (three more couples) weren't able to make this year's event fit their schedules. It'll be cool to see our teammates from last year and I'm hopeful that we'll all get along well with the new people that will replace those of our team that couldn't make it back this year. I'm looking forward to pondering some more crazy clues and being entertained by the colorful characters who host the event...and to ride some rides of course, too!

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