Brian Ho (brianho) wrote,
Brian Ho

Day 4: On the Road Again

I had a flight to catch back in Orlando to get me home. Departure time was at 7:50pm. With the 6-7 hour drive back, that didn't leave time to do much of anything in GA Sunday.

We all got up, got ready, and packed up our things to check out of the hotel. Then it was down to the lobby for our final free hotel breakfast. We finally took advantage of the waffle iron they had down there and I made waffles for everyone who wanted one. They were alright...kinda chewy though. I don't think they were quite getting cooked all the way in the standard timer they had on the waffle iron. Oh well...overall, the hotel breakfast was better than most.

Mark and Janey met us in the hotel parking lot where we all said our goodbyes and took some final pictures (including the one above). Then Drew and John were off with Mark and Janey while Juli and I headed south for Orlando.

The ride back was much like the ride up. I think I did a little bit more driving than before, but I think Juli still did more than me. But there was plenty of conversation and plenty of singing along to the various stuff I had brought on my laptop. I commented to Juli at one point that my face was sore from all the laughing and smiling. It was definitely good times.

We made it to the Orlando area and ended up driving around for awhile since Juli wasn't used to approaching the airport from that direction. But we found it with only a minor delay. It didn't really end up mattering because it turned out that my flight was delayed by about an hour. So we had time to sit down and enjoy some lemonades and corndog nuggets at Nathan's in the airport food court. Good stuff.

All too soon it was time for me to head to my gate. I said my goodbyes to Juli and we were off in opposite directions. I arrived at my gate to find my flight had been further delayed, but the wait wasn't too terrible.

The flight home was rather uneventful once again. However, I was thwarted once again in obtaining prime seating. I was assigned to the aisle seat of the row right in front of where we entered the plane (like row 9, I think). Of course when we arrived in Indianapolis they hooked up the jetway to the frontmost door. Bah. I'm by the front door and they use the back one. I'm by the back one and they use the front. Oh well. Either way it was pretty easy on and easy off.

Once on the ground I got back to my car, reinstalled my stereo, and made the drive home. I got home around 11 or so where I pretty much just brushed my teeth and crashed out. It was quite a fun trip, but at the same time it felt good to be home.

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